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Russell Hobbs RH1247W White 6kg Washing Machine

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Buy Direct from Russell Hobbs• Maximum spin speed: 1200rpm
• Maximum washing capacity: 6kg
• Electronic control system with LCD display
• Stainless steel drum
• Eco Logic and Eco Ball System
• Cold fill
• Low temperature washing
• 15 Programmes
• Quick Wash
• Delay start
• Time remaining indicator
• Child lock
• Balance control system
• Foam and Overflow protection
• Failure detection system
• Adjustable feet
• Product weight: 68.50kg
• Quick & Wool Wash

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Q: Washing machine is not going in to a full spin
A: The machine has an in built sensor to prevent it entering a full spin with a light load, such as one item. When washing ensure there are a number of items to balance the load. It will then spin successfully in the cycle.

Q: Washing Machine is not working
A: Firstly check the washing machine is plugged in. If it’s plugged in and still not working, check the fuse. Check the wall socket by plugging in another electrical appliance that you know works.

Q: Washing Machine Not Filling:
A: Check the water is connected correctly, and there are no kinks in the water supply. Check the washer is not resting on the supply and stopping the water flow. Check the water valve from the supply is turned on.

Q: The washing machine is not draining:
A: Check the drainage pipe is not blocked or kinked. Place the drain hose in a sink or bucket to see if it is emptying. Sometimes the waste hose connector is sealed shut. This is often the case when the plumbing is new, and it will need to be cut open.

Q: Washing Machine Not Spinning:
A: Make sure Washing Machine is Pumping Out, as this can prevent it from spinning if insufficient water is drained first. Check the drainage recommendations above.

Q: Washing Machine is noisy and vibrating violently:
A: Stop using the machine immediately; check that the transportation bolts have been removed. Remove the bolts as described in the instruction booklet. Check the washing is on a flat, stable surface. Adjust the feet so that the washing machine is stable.

Q: The washing machine smells:
A: Lower washing temperatures and detergents without bleach additives, can cause a build up of bacteria creating a bad smell in the machine. Ensure the drainage pipe loops over and drains in to the waste pipe. Run a hot wash every month.

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